Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December Monthly Mingle

Deep-Water, Cold-Water Corals off North Carolina

Deep-water and shallow-water coral reef communities are richly diverse and provide habitat for many species. Shallow-water coral reef systems have been well studied partly due to their proximity to shore. Deep-water corals and associated habitats are studied using technology such as manned submersibles, remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). Only a small percentage of deep-water reefs have been described.

Unlike reef-building tropical corals, deep-water corals exist beyond the reach of sunlight. As opposed to shallow-water corals, deep-water coral polyps do not contain the symbiotic algae that provide their tropical cousins with their color and some of their nutrition. Instead, deep-water corals rely on catching passing food in the water column. As a result, deep-water corals grow very slowly and are typically white. Colonies tend to be found in areas of strong currents, which supply food and remove sediments that would otherwise smother the coral polyps. They are also typically found along rocky ledges or in narrow regions. Deep-water coral systems are receiving increased attention worldwide.

"Revealing the Deep:  Exploring the World of Deep-water Coral Ecosystems," a DVD produced by Art Howard Productions in 2007, uses stunning underwater video and photography to introduce you to deep-water coral ecology, research, and South Atlantic Fishery Management Council efforts to conserve these unique ecosystems off North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Join us on Wednesday, 12/9 for a lively discussion and learning experience.  Please RSVP by responding to this message or by sending an email to obxgreendrinks@gmail.com so we know how many people will be joining us. Bobbie would appreciate knowing how many people to expect so she can plan her staffing. 

When:     Wednesday, December 9, 2015
                  7:00 pm - network, order food, sip beverages, etc.
                  7:30 pm - "Revealing the Deep" -- introduction to
                                        deep-water corals off NC

Where:   Waverider's Coffee and Deli on the bypass
                 3022 S. Croatan Highway, Nags Head
                 MP 11 1/4, Pirate's Quay Shopping Center

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